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What is the Size of Capillary Tube?

What is the Size of Capillary Tube?

Diameter Range

Capillary tubes are known for their slender and narrow structure. The diameter of these tubes typically ranges from as small as 0.1 millimeters to around 2 millimeters. This minuscule diameter is a defining feature, allowing capillary action to occur efficiently. The narrow bore facilitates the movement of liquids through the tube due to the surface tension and cohesive forces present in the liquid.

Variability in Sizes

The specific diameter of a capillary tube can vary based on its intended use. Different applications require different sizes to accommodate the desired flow rates, volumes, and specific properties of the liquid being transported or manipulated.

  • Laboratory Capillary Tubes: In laboratory settings, capillary tubes are often available in various standardized sizes to suit different experiments and tasks. These tubes are used for measuring small volumes of liquids precisely.
  • Refrigeration Systems: Capillary tubes utilized in refrigeration systems also come in different sizes. The diameter and length of these tubes are engineered to regulate the flow of refrigerant gases efficiently, contributing to the cooling process in appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners.

Precision and Impact

The precision in the manufacturing of capillary tubes is crucial, as even slight variations in diameter can significantly impact their functionality. Precision-engineered tubes ensure consistent and predictable capillary action, essential for accurate measurements and controlled liquid movement in various applications.

Factors Affecting Capillary Tube Size Selection

Flow Rate and Volume

The diameter of the capillary tube influences the flow rate and the volume of liquid that can pass through it. Smaller diameters generally result in slower flow rates but may be necessary for precise measurements or controlling the movement of specific liquids.

Application-Specific Requirements

The choice of capillary tube size depends heavily on the intended application. Different industries and tasks demand varying sizes to meet specific needs, whether it’s in scientific laboratories for measuring minute quantities of substances or in refrigeration systems for regulating gas flow.

Material and Compatibility

The material of the capillary tube, in combination with its size, affects its compatibility with different liquids or gases. Certain materials might be better suited for specific applications due to their chemical resistance, durability, or other properties.


Capillary Tubes, characterized by their small diameters, are available in a range of sizes catering to diverse applications. Whether in laboratories for precise measurements or in industrial systems for controlling fluid flow, the size of these tubes plays a crucial role in determining their functionality and effectiveness. Understanding the relationship between size, application, and functionality is essential in selecting the appropriate capillary tube for a given task or industry.

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