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What is the difference between Thread Type and Flange Type?

What is the difference between Thread Type and Flange Type?

In the intricate world of plumbing and piping, the choice of connections can significantly impact the efficiency, durability, and functionality of the system. Among the myriad connection methods available, two prominent options stand out: thread type and flange type connections. Understanding the differences between these two is crucial in selecting the appropriate connection method for a given application.

Thread Type Connections:

Threaded connections involve using screws, either male or female, to join pipes or fittings together. These connections typically come in two variants: tapered threads and parallel threads.

  • Tapered Threads: This type of threading creates a tight seal as the male and female threads wedge together, providing a secure connection. Tapered threads are commonly found in applications where a watertight seal is essential, such as in water pipes and fittings.
  • Parallel Threads: Unlike tapered threads, parallel threads maintain a consistent diameter throughout. They are more prevalent in applications that require easy assembly and disassembly without necessarily needing a watertight seal. Gas pipes and certain industrial settings often utilize parallel threads.

Flange Type Connections:

Flange connections involve the use of flat, usually circular discs (flanges) that are bolted together with gaskets in between to create a seal. These connections are prevalent in high-pressure and high-temperature applications where a strong, reliable seal is imperative.

  • Raised Face Flanges: These flanges have a small raised surface around the bolt holes to accommodate the gasket. They are commonly used in industries where leakage prevention is critical, such as in oil refineries and chemical plants.
  • Flat Face Flanges: As the name suggests, these flanges have a flat surface and rely entirely on the gasket to create a seal. They are suitable for applications where lower pressure and less stringent sealing requirements are present.

Distinguishing Factors:

Several key factors differentiate thread type and flange type connections:

  • Sealing Capability: Flange connections, especially with gaskets, offer superior sealing capabilities compared to threaded connections, making them more suitable for high-pressure or high-temperature applications.
  • Ease of Assembly: Threaded connections are generally easier to assemble and disassemble compared to flange connections, which involve aligning and bolting together multiple components.
  • Application Suitability: Threaded connections are commonly used in smaller diameter pipes and applications where regular maintenance or alterations might be necessary. Flange connections excel in larger pipes and demanding environments where reliability and durability are paramount.
  • Cost Consideration: Threaded connections are often more cost-effective due to their simpler design and ease of installation, while flange connections, with their additional components like gaskets and bolts, can incur higher initial costs.

Choosing the Right Connection:

Selecting between thread type and flange type connections depends on various factors such as the application, pressure, temperature, maintenance needs, and budget constraints. Understanding the specific requirements of the plumbing or piping system is crucial in making an informed decision.


In conclusion, while both Thread Type and Flange Type connections serve their purposes in plumbing and piping systems, their differences in sealing capability, ease of assembly, and application suitability make each suitable for distinct scenarios. Assessing the specific needs of the system is key to choosing the most appropriate connection type for optimal performance and longevity.

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