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What is Castle Nut Fastener?

What is Castle Nut Fastener?

Castle nuts, also known as slotted nuts or cotter nuts, are metal fasteners with slots on one side. This slot permits for a cotter pin or wire to be inserted, which helps keep the nut from coming loose. These slots give the nut its distinctive “castle” shape, hence the name. Castle nuts can be used on any screw-type fastener and provide an extra layer of security against loosening over time due to vibration or other forces.

Castle nuts are beneficial when you need the power of a locking nut without the enduring commitment. As long as the castellated nut is secured with a cotter pin, it is not likely to move due to movement of the machine or vibration. It can also be used over and over again.

Where is Castle Nut Used?

Castle nuts are used in a wide variety of industries for both commercial and residential applications. In the automotive industry, castle nuts are used to secure components such as spark plug wires, alternators, starters, and drive shafts. They can also be found in machineries such as tractors and snow plows, which help hold parts together securely while providing easy access for maintenance when needed. In your home, castle nuts can be found on almost any appliance with moving parts, such as refrigerators, washing machines, stoves, air conditioners, etc.

Why Use Castle Nut?

As mentioned previously, one of the main benefits of using castle nuts is that they provide an added level of security against loosening caused by vibration or other forces. Additionally, they require little time or effort to install compared to other fasteners like bolts which must first have holes drilled into them before installation. Furthermore, castle nuts are extremely durable and long-lasting since they do not corrode easily like other metal fasteners. Finally, because castle nuts feature slots rather than threads, they provide an even distribution of pressure, further enhancing their durability over time.

Castle Nut Dimensions:

Metric Technical Data
Thread DiameterS (mm)E (mm)M max. (mm)W max. (mm)N min. (mm)
M7 1112.1285.52

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