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What are the different types of Threaded Flanges?

What are the different types of Threaded Flanges?

Certainly! Threaded flanges are diverse in their design, catering to various industrial needs. Let’s explore the different types of threaded flanges and their specific characteristics that make them suitable for different applications.

Types of Threaded Flanges:

1. Raised Face Threaded Flanges:

  • Design: These flanges have a raised face with internal threads, providing a surface for better alignment and sealing with the mating pipe or fitting.
  • Advantages: The raised face design helps create a more secure and leak-resistant connection when tightened against a flat-faced pipe or fitting.

2. Ring Type Joint (RTJ) Threaded Flanges:

  • Design: RTJ threaded flanges have grooves on the face and internal threads that accommodate a metal ring gasket. This type of flange is primarily used in high-pressure and high-temperature applications.
  • Advantages: The RTJ design with the metal ring gasket enhances sealing capabilities under extreme pressure and temperature conditions.

3. Socket Weld Threaded Flanges:

  • Design: These flanges feature both socket weld and threaded ends, allowing them to be used as a threaded flange on one side and a socket weld flange on the other.
  • Advantages: Socket weld threaded flanges offer versatility, enabling connections in systems that may require different joining methods on either end.

4. Lap Joint Threaded Flanges:

  • Design: Lap joint threaded flanges have a flat face and internal threads. They are used in conjunction with a lap joint stub end, which slides over the pipe and is then connected to the flange.
  • Advantages: This design allows for rotational alignment and easy disassembly, making them suitable for systems that require frequent maintenance or modifications.

5. Threaded Companion Flanges:

  • Design: These flanges are specifically designed to mate with a matching threaded pipe or fitting. They have internal threads that correspond to the external threads of the pipe.
  • Advantages: Threaded companion flanges offer a simple and effective way to connect pipes or fittings without the need for additional adapters or modifications.

Considerations for Choosing Threaded Flanges:

1. Pressure and Temperature Requirements: Different designs cater to various pressure and temperature conditions, so selecting the appropriate type is crucial for system integrity.

2. Sealing Requirements: Consider the type of sealing necessary for your application—whether a raised face, RTJ, or other sealing mechanisms suit the pressure and environmental conditions.

3. Compatibility: Ensure compatibility between the threaded flange and the pipe or fitting, considering factors like thread size, material compatibility, and joining methods.

4. Application Specifics: Depending on the application’s requirements, choose the threaded flange type that best suits the operational needs, maintenance frequency, and system modifications.


In conclusion, threaded flanges come in different types, each tailored to specific industrial demands. Understanding their designs, sealing mechanisms, and compatibility factors is crucial in selecting the right threaded flange for optimal performance and reliability within a piping system.

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