You are currently viewing What are Capillary Tubes and How does it Work?

What are Capillary Tubes and How does it Work?

What are Capillary Tubes and How does it Work?

In the intricate world of fluid dynamics, capillary tubes stand as unassuming yet crucial components. These tiny tubes, often overlooked, play a significant role in various scientific, medical, and industrial applications. In this blog, we will unravel the mysteries of capillary tubes, exploring what they are and how they work.

Unveiling the Wonders of Capillary Tubes: A Deep Dive into Functionality and Applications

What are Capillary Tubes?

Capillary tubes are narrow, hollow tubes with a small internal diameter, typically ranging from a fraction of a millimeter to a few millimeters. They are made from materials such as glass, metal, or plastic. The term “capillary” is derived from the Latin word “capillaris,” meaning hair-like, which aptly describes the thin and slender nature of these tubes.

Structure and Composition:

Capillary tubes can be composed of various materials depending on their intended use. Glass capillary tubes are common in laboratories and medical settings due to their transparency and inert nature. Metal or plastic capillary tubes may be preferred in industrial applications for their durability and resistance to specific chemicals.

Capillary Action: How Does it Work?

The functionality of capillary tubes is closely tied to the phenomenon known as capillary action. This action is observed when a liquid, such as water, spontaneously rises or falls in a narrow tube against the force of gravity. Several factors contribute to capillary action:

1. Surface Tension: The surface tension of the liquid creates a concave or convex meniscus within the capillary tube, depending on the liquid’s interaction with the tube material.

2. Adhesion and Cohesion: Adhesion is the attraction between the liquid and the tube material, while cohesion refers to the attraction between molecules of the liquid. These forces, along with surface tension, work together to move the liquid within the capillary.

3. Capillary Rise Equation: The height to which the liquid rises in the capillary tube is determined by the balance between gravitational force and the adhesive and cohesive forces acting on the liquid. The capillary rise can be mathematically expressed by the Jurin’s Law equation.

Applications of Capillary Tubes

Laboratory and Medical Settings

In laboratories, capillary tubes are commonly used for blood sampling and microfluidic applications. The small diameter allows for precise handling of minute volumes of liquid, essential in experiments and medical diagnostics.

Thermal Expansion Devices

Capillary tubes are integral components in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. They are used as expansion devices to control the flow of refrigerant, regulating temperature and pressure within the system.


Capillary tubes are widely employed in chromatography, a technique used for separating and analyzing mixtures. The narrow diameter of the tube enhances separation efficiency in techniques like gas chromatography.

Industrial Processes

In various industrial processes, capillary tubes are utilized for dosing and dispensing small quantities of liquids. Their precision and reliability make them suitable for applications such as inkjet printing, microfabrication, and more.


Capillary Tubes, with their unassuming size and structure, play a remarkable role in diverse fields. From the controlled movement of liquids in laboratories to the regulation of temperature in refrigeration systems, these tiny tubes showcase the beauty of capillary action. As technology advances, the versatility of capillary tubes is likely to lead to even more innovative applications, further solidifying their significance in scientific and industrial realms.

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