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Popular Metal Types used in Industrial Valves

Popular Metal Types used in Industrial Valves Manufacture

There are various Types of Metals used in Industrial Valves…

The following is a common review of ordinary valve materials used in universal industrial, merchant and process valve raising.

Aluminum – A non-ferrous metal, extremely light-weight, around one-third the heaviness of steel. Aluminum demonstrates wonderful part corrosion resistance, however will be immensely reactive with different metals. In valves, Aluminum is mostly used as for exterior items like a hand wheels or identification tags.

Carbon Steel – Carbon steel has top and moderate temperature durability, is very strong and has very good exhaust strength. Superb mechanical properties; forever resistance to stress corrosion and sulphides. Largely used in globe, check and gate valves for applications up to 454ºC, and in 1-piece, 2- piece, and 3-piece ball valves. Can be mold or create, with shape being better particularly for bigger sizes in very giant classes.

Nickel-Plated Ductile Iron – Nickel coatings have received wide acceptance for use in chemical processing. These coatings have very high tensile strength, 50 to 225 ksi. To some extent, the hardness of a material is indicative of its resistance to abrasion and wear characteristics. Nickel plating is widely specified as a disc coating for butterfly valves. For industrial and petroleum ball valves, superior electroless nickel plating (ENP) is used in carbon steel valve components and is in fact superior to stainless steel in hardness but with similar corrosion properties.

316 Stainless Steel – An alloy of iron, carbon, nickel, and chromium. A non-magnetic stainless steel with more ductility than 400 series SS. Austenitic in structure, 316 stainless steel has very good corrosion resistance to a wide range of environments, is not susceptible to stress corrosion cracking (however it is not suitable for higher levels of H2S typically found in wellhead applications) and is not affected by heat treatment. Very commonly used in valve body and/or trim material.

Hastelloy C – A high nickel-chromium molybdenum alloy, which has outstanding resistance to a wide variety of chemical process environments including strong oxidizers such as wet chlorine, chlorine gas, and ferric chloride. Hastelloy C is also resistant to nitric, hydrochloric, and sulfuric acids at moderate temperatures.

Copper – Copper is basically only used for fittings. Between the most main resources of constructed copper materials is their warm and electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and ductility. Constructed copper implement well in high temperature execution and is smoothly fixed by soldering or brazing.

Grey Iron – An alloy of iron, carbon and silicon; easily cast; good pressure tightness in the as-cast condition. Grey iron has excellent dampening properties and is easily machined. It is the standard material for bodies and bonnets of Class 125 iron body valves. Grey iron has corrosion resistance that is improved over steel in certain environments.

Bronze – One of the first alloys developed in the Bronze Age is generally accepted as the industry standard for pressure rated bronze valves and fittings. Bronze has a higher strength than pure copper, is easily cast, has improved machinability, and is very easily joined by soldering or brazing. Bronze is very resistant to pitting corrosion, with general resistance to a wide range of chemicals.

3% Nickel Iron – Enhance corrosion resistance over grey and ductile iron. Elevated temperature besides corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. Very resistant to rust aerosphere.

Monel – Is a nickel-copper alloy used primarily as interior trim on all types of valves. One of the most specified materials for corrosion resistance to sea and salt water. Monel is also very resistant to strong caustic solutions.

Brass – Brass in general good corrosion resistance. Allowing to removes zinc from an alloy, leaving behind a porous, copper-rich structure that has little mechanical strength in specific applications; magnificent ductility. Basic uses for brass are for ball valve and iron valve. A forging grade of brass is used in trade ball valve bodies and end pieces.

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A valve is an electro-mechanical device used to controls the flow and pressure of the fluid within a system or method. therefore essentially, it controls the flow & pressure. There are several Industrial Valve Manufacturers & Exporters across the world. We produce many types of industrial valves; each has been designed with exclusive options and applications. Valve is an application that controls the flow of the fluid or gas. It manages direction or controls the flow of a fluid or gas by opening and finishing of countless passageways.

Valves play a dynamic role in most of the industries involving pipelines or different applications. a number of the common industries having valves are oil & gas industry, chemical plant industry, heat exchanger industry, ship building industry, power plant industry, petrochemicals industry, marine business industry, and plenty of a lot of.

There are various Types of Industrial Valves…

Each valve is otherwise designed based on the characteristics of the applying and additionally the pressure. Consequently, different industries use different valves. We also produce customized industrial valves at our factory as per our client’s requirements. For any types of Industrial Valves Price List Call on +91 9152160158 or drop an Email to |

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