You are currently viewing 10 Types of Screws for Metal and Plastic Use

10 Types of Screws for Metal and Plastic Use

10 Types of Screws for Metal and Plastic Use

1. Machine Screws:

Machine screws feature a uniform diameter along their entire shaft length and typically require a nut or a tapped hole for installation. They come in various head types, including flat, oval, round, and pan, making them versatile for a wide range of applications in both metal and plastic assemblies.

2. Self-Tapping Screws:

Designed with a cutting edge, self-tapping screws are capable of creating their own threads when driven into a pre-drilled hole. This characteristic makes them ideal for fastening metal and plastic materials without the need for tapping or threading beforehand.

3. Sheet Metal Screws:

Sheet metal screws are specifically designed with sharp threads to cut into thin materials such as metal and plastic sheets. They often feature a flat or pan head and are widely used in applications requiring secure fastening of lightweight materials.

4. Wood Screws:

While primarily intended for wood, wood screws with sharp points can also be effectively used for fastening plastic materials. They feature coarse threads and come in various head types, offering versatility in applications where both wood and plastic are involved.

5. Thread-Forming Screws:

Thread-forming screws excel in applications involving softer metals like aluminum or plastic. Rather than cutting threads, these screws form them by displacing material as they are driven in, providing strong and reliable fastening solutions.

6. Hex Head Cap Screws:

Featuring a hexagonal head, hex head cap screws are tightened using a wrench or socket. They offer high tensile strength and are commonly employed in machinery and automotive applications, providing secure fastening for both metal and plastic components.

7. Socket Head Cap Screws:

Similar to hex head cap screws, socket head cap screws boast a cylindrical head with an internal socket drive, enabling flush installation. They find widespread use in machinery and electronics, offering a neat and streamlined fastening solution for metal and plastic parts.

8. Thumb Screws:

Thumb screws are designed for tool-free tightening, featuring a knurled or large head that can be easily manipulated by hand. They are ideal for applications requiring frequent adjustments or removals, providing convenient and reliable fastening in both metal and plastic assemblies.

9. Round Head Screws:

With a rounded top surface, round head screws offer a smooth finish and appearance when installed. They are suitable for various metal and plastic applications where aesthetics and functionality are equally important.

10. Flat Head Screws:

Flat head screws feature a countersunk head design, allowing them to sit flush with the material’s surface once driven in. This characteristic makes them suitable for applications where a seamless and smooth finish is desired in both metal and plastic assemblies.


In conclusion, selecting the right type of screw is essential for achieving optimal performance and longevity in metal and plastic applications. Whether it’s machine screws for precision assembly or self-tapping screws for quick installations, each type of screw serves a unique purpose in ensuring secure and reliable fastening. By understanding the characteristics and applications of these 10 essential types of screws, you can confidently tackle a wide range of projects with precision and efficiency.

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